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Neotonus Treatment

What is NeoTone therapy?
This is a complete rehabilitative therapy system that utilizes a revolutionary technology to conveniently treat a wide variety of muscle-related problems and injuries. The revolutionary technology does not require electrodes, probes, creams or gels. The treatment works through clothing, braces, padding, casting materials, and bone.

Is this treatment a form of energy medicine?
Yes. This treatment is based on the fundamentals of Faraday's law of magnetic induction. The NeoTone therapy head produces pulses of a steep gradient magnetic flux that penetrate the body and initiate nerve impulses that ultimately innervate the smooth and striated muscles. The time-varying magnetic fields create an electrical potential that causes ion flow (eddy currents) in the tissues. This ion flow causes sodium and potassium ions to flow across the nerve membrane and a nerve impulse to travel to the motor end plate. This is like a battery charger for the body that aids self-regulation and promotes healing.

How does it work?
NeoTone works by creating a therapeutic, pulsed magnetic field. These focused magnetic fields easily penetrate the body and induce streams of neural impulses that trigger the targeted nerve and muscle groups. The pulses do not cause pain and are comfortable enough to be used even on the elderly and recently injured people.

How is the treatment applied?
The FDA-approved treatment was developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Emory School of Medicine to treat stress, urge, and mixed incontinence in women. Patients sit on a therapy table to receive the treatment, unless they have spinal problems, in which case they lie on their backs. The therapy head is flexible so patients can sit normally while the doctor manually moves the head over the site. The doctor can also attach the therapy head to a cart to hold the head in place. Patients do not need to remove their clothing and remain in a comfortable position throughout the treatment.


What are the contraindications?
NeoTone should not be used on, or in the vicinity of, patients who use or wear cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, bone fixation hardware, or other implanted electric devices, or on patients with cancer or known or suspected malignant lesions. NeoTone should not be applied to the head, over the heart, or over a pregnant uterus.

Are there any adverse reactions?
Adverse reactions are usually limited to minor discomfort. Excessive stimulation can produce a muscle spasm or soreness like that which occurs after excessive exercise. Patients should remove all credit cards, computer disks, and other magnetically encoded cards or car keys from their pockets to prevent them from becoming corrupted.

Is this treatment covered by my insurance?
The FDA has approved NeoTone for bulk muscle excitation, relaxation of muscle spasms, maintaining or increasing range of motion, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, muscle re-education, increasing local blood circulation, and immediate post-surgical stimulation of the calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis. The FDA is currently reviewing the following applications: chronic pain and inflammation, fibromyalgia, and reduction of edema. Almost all insurance carriers cover the approved treatments.
Using this treatment, the doctors at Alternative Medicine Pain Management have broken the pain cycle in many patients who were so sensitive that they could not withstand even the most gentle techniques. There have been excellent results in patients suffering from spinal and other large-joint arthritis, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Many patients request this treatment before manipulation because it relaxes them and makes the manipulation easier to administer. NeoTone treatment is as effective on seniors as it is on young athletes.

Neotonus, Inc., has collaborated with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Emory School of Medicine to develop a revolutionary new treatment for stress, urge and mixed incontinence in women: Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation, or ExMI. This truly innovative technology combines a basic principle of physics with the body's own physiology to provide a therapy that is totally non-invasive, painless and, most importantly, effective. ExMI's pulsed magnetic field pass through all body substances without attenuation, delivering a therapeutic action and then exiting without a trace.


Equally as revolutionary as the technology itself is the way the technology is being offered to physicians. Neotonus is partnering with physicians to develop and implement communications strategies and healthcare solutions, increasing both patient awareness and access to this advanced technology.


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