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Photon Therapy

INFRARED is a form of heat therapy that produces an almost immediate warming of the skin. The radiation brings about physiologic changes commonly associated with superficial heating. The depth of the penetration depends on the source of the infrared rays.

The primary effect is the stimulation of local circulation, with a pink color developing on the surface of the skin. As a vasodilator, radiant heat locally increases circulatory and metabolic rates but the major physiologic effects are an almost instant feeling of warmth, relaxation and general sedation, an antispasmodic effect, a decongestant effect, and some analgesic effect.

Where these physiologic effects are indicated, radiant heat has been shown to be effective as an adjunct to other therapies in the treatment of non-acute arthritis, chronic backaches, peripheral neuropathy, spasms, sprains, stiff joints, strains and superficial infections. It can also be helpful for certain peripheral vascular diseases such as causalgia, Raynaud's disease and thromboangitis obliterans. Other beneficial effects include increased lymph flow, increased sweating, enhanced local blood alkalinity and tissue acidity, enhanced local nutrition, enhanced absorption of exudates, increased urinary output, decreased vascular stasis, and an increased pain threshold.


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