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Thermal Imaging

At the time of Hippocrates, physicians would cover the body of a sick patient with mud and then watch to see on which areas of the body the mud would dry unusually rapidly. They would then base their diagnosis on this data. The study of the body's temperature has continued and evolved, and today we have highly technical and sophisticated devices that can produce pictures that show variations in temperature on the surface of the skin. This "heat picture" is called a thermal image or thermogram.

Doctors of various professions have employed this wonderful tool to aid them in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of numerous conditions. Thermal imaging was next used to evaluate spinal and peripheral nerve trauma, peripheral vascular disease, and various soft-tissue injuries. In these early days the equipment was not as sophisticated and dependable as it is today, but much successful work was done in spite of the equipment.

Today, universities offer rigorous training to physicians learning how to use thermal imaging, and advancements in the equipment have turned imaging into a reliable scientific tool. Many doctors use the procedure to measure the physiological response to treatment and to objectively document their patients' improvement. Interdisciplinary professional associations share information and training and fewer doctors are taking advantage of the technology to make exaggerated claims. This noninvasive tool is again beginning to assume its position as an accurate and sensitive method that can detect abnormalities in blood flow anywhere in the body. Below are a few examples of thermal images taken by the doctors at Alternative Medicine Pain Management.

Before Treatment 8-21-01

After Treatment 9-4-01

Periarteritis Nodosa: 43- year-old male


More Images...
Before Treatment

After Treatment



Diabetic Neuropathy: 72-year-old male



Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: 36-year-old female


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