What is spinal decompression therapy?

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical treatment for people experiencing moderate to severe neck or back pain typically with associated radiating symptoms, numbness, and tingling.  These pain and symptoms can be associated with degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, herniated disc, protruding disc, stenosis, facet syndrome, or sciatica.  The injured disc is located and gently separated, creating a small vacuum, which allows the disc to be "pulled back in" taking pressure off the surrounding compressed nerve roots.

Whose a candidate for spinal decompression?

Those patients who are experiencing moderate to severe neck or low back pain.  Patients with symptoms such as numbness or tingling into their arms and hands; or buttocks and legs.  Patients who are considering neck or low back surgery and would like to try a safe non-surgical approach first.  Patients who are tired of living with pain and want to get their life back. 

The DRX9000

Our machine is a DRX9000 combo unit which has the ability to do both cervical or lumbar decompression. The unit works by using very fine calibrated and high-speed computers to calculate the specific angle and forces of pull to the patient to help relax the patient's paraspinal guarding muscles and maximize spinal elongation.  The treatment time is approximately 30-40 minutes at which time the patient is harnessed, completely relaxed, and is provided a headset to listen to calming and relaxing music of his or her choice.


Does the Treatment Work?

The DRX9000 has been studied by doctors from Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Duke, University of CA, and Stanford; all of which research shows positive results with decreased pain and improved disc findings.  Some studies have even shown pre and post MRI findings with disc reabsorption following treatment on the DRX.  

Testimonials from Our Patients 

“Dr. Baleno and his magic DRX machine are miracle workers.  I tried months of other therapies for two herniated discs but had little relief.  After DRX treatment, I have no more pain or numbness down my leg and my latest MRI shows no more herniations.  If you are looking for treatment that works, this is it.”   Patty G. 

“Before being treated on the DRX9000 an MRI showed I had two small bulging discs in my cervical spine, with symptoms. After being treated a second MRI showed no signs of bulging discs, numbing and tingling down my arm and hand was gone.”  Betty K.


“I have no doubt that my pain, numbness, and tingling have been eliminated by the DRX treatment and I was able to avoid surgery.” John

"Dr. Baleno and staff are the best , the Drx 9000 machine helped me so much with other treatments. I can't believe how much better my back is, a lot of visits but it really makes a difference. I needed surgery, wanted to try different option so glad l did.  Thank you Dr. Baleno and staff for helping me through this and being persistent with this journey"."  Patty P.