Melissa M...


"Starting in January, I began experiencing severe lower back pain. I tried my chiropractor (of many years) as well as visiting a new one. While both were kind and professional, neither of them were able to make any lasting headway into alleviating my pain. I went to several acupuncture appointments and got regular lower back massages. I took OTC medications. All of this to no avail. It was at this time that I found Dr. Baleno's office after hearing about their CBD cream for pain. Looking at the website, I was intrigued by the pain treatments offered: laser pain therapy, deep stimulation, neotone therapy, and more. Having nothing to lose, I made an appointment. 


After only one visit, I felt some relief from my pain. Now, it has been two months since I began treatment, and I am nearly pain free and actively mobile again. Before these treatments, I was in constant pain to varying degrees. Now, I am once again able to perform daily tasks and take my dogs on walks without pain. All of this can be attributed to Dr. Baleno, his innovative treatments, and his staff. 


Dr. Baleno is unlike any chiropractor I have ever seen. He was the first person to address my muscles as well as my spine and joints. The reason my lower back pain wasn't improving was because my upper back muscles were as tight as a rock - my body's solution to protect my lower back from spasms. I hadn't been walking or moving normally in fear of aggravating my lower back. No one had even considered addressing my muscles prior to this visit. After showing me around his office and previewing the available treatments, we started a protocol of stimulation, chiropractic manipulation, and laser pain therapy. 


Dr. Baleno's "adjustments" consist of gentle spine/back manipulation (not a lot of intense cracking, twisting, etc.); he also helps with mobility by manipulating my legs to stretch my muscles and to loosen my hips. The stim treatment adds cupping to enhance the effectiveness of the technique. Finally, during laser pain therapy his technician Beth moves the laser across my lower and mid back. Each of these treatments last 15 minutes. In the beginning, I underwent these treatments twice a week. Within a couple of weeks, I felt like a different person. 


Anyone that has experienced chronic pain knows how debilitating it can be - physically, emotionally, and mentally. I highly recommend Dr. Baleno to anyone suffering from chronic pain. The alternative treatments administered, along with his attentiveness and concern have literally changed my daily life. Best of all, Dr. Baleno makes his patients feel heard and cared for because of his calm, kind, and non-judgmental demeanor. It is evident that he genuinely cares about his patients and their well-being. As a bonus, Beth and Michelle who work for Dr. Baleno are equally as lovely, and the office itself is clean and comfortable. "    



"As I got into my late 30s, my lower back pain started to become a chronic problem.  In early 2019, I had to go to the ER.  I legitimately had sharp, lower back pain from walking, standing, and sitting.  My MRI results said I had an L4-L5 disc bulge, stenosis, and degenerative disease.  I saw both a neurosurgeon & orthopedic surgeon. Their suggestion was that I lose weight and strengthen my core.  My condition was not considered eligible for surgery.  I took their suggestions to heart and committed to a lifestyle change.
After 2 months my weight dropped but my lower back pain did not go away, and I began to get additional pain down the side of my left leg.  I would get out of bed each morning and get a sharp pain down my left leg.  I didn’t suffer an additional injury, so I knew this pain was coming from my spinal discs.  Anyone who has legitimate back pain, knows it eventually becomes all you think about, and it’s a horrible way to live.  My pain was getting worse, and it wasn’t improving.  I was open to any suggestions that would provide me relief.
I was visiting Dr. Baleno for chiropractic adjustments, and after he reviewed my MRI results, he suggested in addition to the lifestyle change, that I try the DRX9000 spinal decompression unit at his office.  I took his suggestion and agreed to do 20 sessions on the DRX9000.  He informed me that included with each session were chiropractic adjustments and additional therapies for my lower back.
All I did was lay on the table and let the machine do the work.  After 3 sessions my leg pain in the morning considerably less.  After 6 sessions there was no pain in my leg.  After 10 sessions my back felt better than it had in years.  I just completed my 20th session and my lower back is gone.  I’m grateful to have met Dr. Baleno and his staff.  I couldn’t have asked for better treatment.  They are kind, considerate people who are there to help people in need. "